Friday, 28 December 2012

Review: The Proposition

 The Proposition (The Proposition, #1)
 Author: Katie Ashley
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Synopsis: With her thirtieth birthday looming, Emma Harrison finds her biological clock clanging and the elusive knight in shining armor yet to appear. She’s running out of options, especially after her gay best friend backs out from being her sperm donor. Of course, there’s always a sperm bank, but Emma fears a donor mix-up might impregnate her with the spawn of Satan.

Resident company womanizer, Aidan Fitzgerald, is used to always getting what he wants, especially in the bedroom. When Emma spurns his advances at the company Christmas party, he's determined to have her no matter what it takes. After Aidan learns of Emma's predicament, he is quick to offer a proposition that will benefit them both. He will father Emma's child, but she must conceive it with him naturally. Not one for hook-ups or casual sex, Emma is reluctant to take him up on his offer, but his charm, coupled with her intense desire for motherhood, wins out.

Soon their baby-making sessions become more than just physical. Aidan can't seem to walk away from her while Emma begins to wonder if Aidan could be the one. But can Aidan leave his past behind to become the man Emma needs him to be?


Just when I couldn't wait to finish reading a page so I can turn it to the next one, then I was smacked by...
"To be continued in The Proposal out on March 15, 2013"
After a dramatic and quite exciting scene for me, the story ended with a killer cliffy. But aside from that, this is just filled with romance, sweetness and drama that would knock you off your feet. It could easily be one of those books that would make you want to cuddle.

There are times when I can't stand Emma. There were few times in the beginning of the story when she was a bit whiny and such a good girl but after first night with Aidan, there seem to be a change in her personality that I liked. Or maybe it was her when she's with someone she's comfortable with.

According to others, Aidan was a player--the one girls usually avoid but he seems to be a sweet and attentive guy despite of his reputation. Well, maybe except for a certain incident. But the way he was presented is opposite to how he was described by other characters who knows him. I am excited to get to know him more in the second book.

Ashley made two amazing and cute characters. The secondary characters were even lovable. They were easy to read. The plot wasn't even complicated. Despite the drama this story ensures, it wasn't due to the complexity of the story. It was actually easy to digest. It's just the way it was written that made the feelings in this exist.

I cannot wait for the next one! I am ready to be swooned by Aidan's ways to win Emma back, and I'm thrilled to meet the kid. I just hope he will be exposed to the readers more than just being in the epilogue.


  1. I have a friend who read this and she warned me not to read it yet until the 2nd book comes out. She said I might just feel as frustrated as she was with the cliffhanger. After reading your review... yeah I guess I'll wait till March. Haha!

    Isabel @ Sab The Book Eater

    1. I was in the middle of holding back my tears and it suddenly ended. Good plan. Better wait for the next book before reading the whole story.