Rating System

I rate the books I've read based on Goodread's rating system which is 1-5. I try my best to finish books no matter how hard it is but sometimes, there will be instances where I can't go on. Unfinished books will be reviewed based on the part I've read and some reasons as to why I failed to finish it. I will also indicate how long did I read until I finally gave up. Unlike on Goodreads,I will not give DNF-ed books a star rating here on my blog.
5 - It was amazing, probably one of my most loved books/stories and I would definitely recommend it to others.
4 - It's really good and I might recommend it to others.
3 - I liked it but something's lacking or I was expecting more from it.
2 - It was okay, but wasn't really into it.
1 - I didn't liked it; probably struggled to finish it.
DNF - Did not finished.