Reviews and comments

My reviews are subjective and are based on my personal opinion. There are novels that are well written but the theme or specific situation in the book irked me and that might cause my not-so-good reaction towards it. I do not represent everyone's opinion.

I also try not to sugar coat things I dislike about a certain book, but I also respect the authors who worked hard in writing their book so I really try not to bash. If there's anything I've written that might have offended anyone, I apologize in advance.

Comments shared by others do not reflect my opinion. I have the right to remove offensive comments without notifying the author.

Novels I read/accept

Sorry but Review Request/Spotlights/Guest Posts is currently closed due to my crazy school + work load.

It would be best to put [Title of the book] review or spotlight request/guest post in the subject line of the email. Please include in the message body the:
  • Synopsis
  • Genre
  • Goodreads link
I accept books, both ARCs and finished copies, in digital format (mobi). Physical copies (hardback and paperback) are also welcome but please keep in mind that I live in the Philippines.

Generally, I read Contemporary Fiction but mostly focus on Young Adult or New Adult. The sub-genres I prefer , but not limited to, are:
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction 
  • Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
  • Chick Lit
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
I don't usually read and review Mystery and Urban Fantasy but I can make some exception.

I do not review the following genre although I sometimes read some of them:
  • Stories involving lawsuits, politics and too much adult issues
  • Nonfiction
    • Biographies
    For book series, I have ask for a copy of the previous book if I haven't read it yet. Besides the obvious reason of understanding the plot, this will also help for me to write a better and effective review.

    Please keep in mind that I am a currently in college and I have an unpredictable schedule due to course work and other school related stuff. With that, I might not be able to accept every request and read as much as I want but I try to catch up with my reading every time I am free.

    I receive a lot of messages on my email but I regularly check it and try to reply within 48 hours. However, I only respond to those requests I'm interested. Please don't take this personally.

    To those that I have accepted, I cannot give you an exact date when I can post the review. However, I will inform you by the time it is published.

    For ARC copies, if you wish to have the review published on a much closer date to its release please do tell so I can schedule it to a much appropriate time.

    Interviews, Guest Posts, Blog Tours and Giveaways

    I would be glad to be a part of Blog Tours and host guest posts and giveaways.

    Giveaway winners will be contacted through email. Any personal information such as email and address will not be shared to any third party, except the author if they are the ones sending the prize.

    For author interviews, I would like to ask for a copy of your book and a bit of time so I can have appropriate questions.

    • All books reviewed are either bought, borrowed or provided by the publisher/author in exchange of an honest review.
    • I do not receive monetary compensation for these reviews and all my reviews state my honest opinion of the products/books. My opinions are my own and will be negative or positive depending on the book.
    • Book summaries and covers are taken from Goodreads
    • Other images used are not mine unless indicated.

    For your concerns, you can email me at charliegazer [at] gmail [dot] com.