Saturday, 1 December 2012

Review: Bit by the Bug

Bit by the Bug (Matthews Sisters #1)
Author: Michelle M. Pillow
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars
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Synopsis: Photographer Kat Matthews believes life is an adventure, to be taken at leisure. When vacationing with her mother in Vale, Colorado, she meets an eccentric, rich couple who have a bizarre proposition. They want to hire her to date their son. But not just date him—they want her to train him in how to date, so he'll continue doing so afterward. As payment, they dangle a once in a lifetime opportunity in front of Kat—the chance to have her photographs seen by the owner of the most prestigious art gallery in New York.

I was expecting a lot from this because of the blurb and the cute cover, and unfortunately I was disappointed. There were funny and cute parts. The plot was actually good. So why was I disappointed?

I was looking for more interaction between Kat and Vincent. Of course this is an adult novel but it doesn't mean that most scenes between the two should be sex. I wish there was more talk than action. It's sad that I enjoyed Kat's scenes with her sisters than with Vincent.

I don't know what's with me but I was irritated with Kat. She was whiny about her life and she seem poor but it's not like she's doing anything about it. I know she's a photographer and thrives in art but it seems like her whole life in this novel revolved around Project Vincent. I can't also see the effort to attract him as part of the job Vincent's parents gave her. It felt rushed how she suddenly lusted him. One moment she hated the job and then next she kissed him which started their relationship. I know she tried to attract him by wearing attractive clothes as mentioned but it still felt off. Maybe it lacked emphasize.

I also had a problem with Vincent's character but not because I didn't like him. He was okay, he was adorable actually but the way he was introduced at the first part, pre-relationship part seems wrong compared on how he was after. Of course he was a workaholic and I get how he doesn't have time to go on dates but it was like he was an ignorant about a lot of things that's going on. He was supposed to be a workaholic hot guy but it's like pre-relationship Vincent and on-relationship Vincent were two different persons.

Maybe it was just how it was written, the way the characters were presented to the readers but there's a potential in this plot that I really wished was brought out to light.