Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Review: Marriage by Mistake

Marriage by Mistake
Author: Alyssa Kress
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Synopsis: He woke up to discover two days of his life completely gone.

Workaholic Boston blueblood Dean has made it his life's goal to be the opposite of his irresponsible, womanizing father.

But Dean discovers that while in a hypnotic trance he'd acted exactly like his father, traveling to Las Vegas where he'd wooed and wed some sexy, airhead dancer.
Now, Kelly may be sexy, but she's no airhead. She knows the cold and puritanical man who claims to be her husband is not the man she'd married. But she suspects the warm and tender man she does love is buried somewhere deep inside. And she's determined to find him...

"Divorce is a coward's way out. I've always thought so. Once a vow is made, it should be kept." - Dean

Ooh, Las Vegas--The City of Sin. A suitable place to start with the story. Or the place where Dean and Kelly's story started.

At the first chapter, I immediately figured out that Kelly was a badass. Who would fly to Boston from Vegas just to see the man who left her in bed? Her character was easy to love and was what I expected with the female protagonists in most romance novels. She's fun, carefree and can easily charm people into liking her. Too bad, her husband seems adamant about the liking part.

Other than Dean and Kelly, we get to meet Troy and Felicia too. The two unlikely pair who gets to deal with their own story. I actually liked reading about them compared to the lead couple. I don't know but maybe it was because of Troy. I liked him more than Dean despite his sort of irresponsible behavior.

Although I obviously enjoyed reading this, there were unfortunately few things that didn't satisfy me. First was the character development and growth. Yes, they changed at the end of the story but I didn't actually felt it. There was something that held me back into embracing them although they were lovable. And oh, unfortunately after I've read this novel, the cover made me cringe. I don't want to be mean or anything but the those two on the cover doesn't really represent Dean and Kelly from the book.

All in all, I liked it. It wasn't that marvelous or amazing or incredible but I assure you that this is good. If you're looking for some light romance that has some heart in it, I guess you're in for a treat.