Friday, 11 January 2013

Review: Teasing Trent

Teasing Trent (The Alexanders, #0.5)
Author: Minx Malone
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Synopsis: The only thing Trent's best friend has ever asked of him is to keep an eye on his twin sister while he's deployed. Keeping her company on her birthday shouldn't be too hard. He just has to remember the promise he made to himself in college to keep his hands off her. 
Which is getting harder and harder by the day.

Ever since Mara walked into her brother's dorm room freshman year and came face to face with a shirtless Trent, she's known he was The One. He's been right there with her twin brother as her biggest supporter or shoulder to cry on, whichever she needs most. The problem? 

Trent has no idea how she feels. 

Well, it's her first birthday without her twin and Trent's coming over to keep her company. It's the perfect time to tease him a little. A skimpy yoga outfit and a few glasses of wine later, she plans to finally have Trent exactly where she wants him. In her bed, for as long as she can keep him there.

If Mara has her way, she'll get a whole lot more for her birthday than a Hallmark card.


"I'm going to hell for this."
All good things must come to an end. I know I should not complain because it's a novella after all, but they were just getting into the good part--where the sweetness comes in.

A sister to your best friend is usually off-limits, that's like the rule among men. Yet, Trent can't seem to get his eyes and head away from Mara. He obviously likes his unwavering loyalty to his friend keeps him from making a move. I enjoyed the teasing, which I think worked on both sides because Mara seems to squirm under Trent's stare, too. I love how Trent tried and tried to stay away from Mara, and failed. Little did he know, she was also pinning for him and is subtly making her moves the moment he entered the door.

This is so short but it's still fun and sexy. This just convinced me to read the other books in the series because of having that feeling that the two of them will be there. Maybe we'll see how their relationship will grow. Malone knows how to write a steamy but still light and enjoyable scenes to read. Nothing serious, but definitely hot.