Friday, 25 January 2013

Review: Bargain in Bronze

Bargain in Bronze (Flirting To Win, #1)
My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Synopsis: If you can’t take the heat…

Entrepreneur Libby Harris’s specialty is making her famous muesli. So when an Olympic hopeful invites her to his flat to make her delicious cereal, she’s bewildered when his brother Jack walks in, accusing her of trying to ruin his brother’s career. Libby has every intention of staying single, but with Jack around, no way can she suppress the personal pleasure she’s long denied herself.

Investment banker extraordinaire Jack Barnes’s attraction to Libby is instantaneous, but he’s raised his two siblings after their parents died in an accident, and it’s been all work and no play for as long as he can remember. He can’t let down his guard now—not when his brother is so close to the gold. But keeping Libby busy and out of his brother’s life challenges every ounce of his self-control.

Until now…

Neither wants a relationship, and though they can’t deny their incredible chemistry, Libby and Jack agree that what they have is temporary. So when things start to sizzle between them, will they be able to take the heat?

"You know, you were right about me. That kiss wasn't impulsive. I've been plotting it for hours now."

Please be reminded that 2 stars means "it's okay" so this doesn't suck at all. It's just that I don't like it that much. I understand that this is a novella but I was expecting for more. Instant attraction is okay and expected but jumping into bed that fast was quite off. Both of them weren't looking for a long-term relationship and was quite reluctant, right? Or did I get that wrong?

For both characters, their attraction to each other wasn't built well. The fast-forward/days-after didn't worked for them either. Their relationship started too fast and was also skimmed. It was like their story was leaping from one point to another. Their turning point and realisation seem abrupt as well as the ending.

Libby doesn't want a fling at all, but her inner struggle with her attraction to Jack isn't believable. If I was Jack, I might see all signs saying that she was attracted to me. She keeps on denying it but she doesn't fight it either. Her reason who she was so cynic was also absurd. Was she seriously saying no to family because of what happened to her parents? I might have understood if her dad cheated with her mom, or anything like that.

With Jack, I don't even understand his issue at all. He became his siblings' parent and he's busy, so? He easily noticed how Libby looked so I assumed he actively attracted to women. I don't see the point of not having a girlfriend, even short-term relationships.

Maybe if this was a bit longer, it would be better but everything felt rushed without being able to tell the story effectively. They were cute with their banters but that's it. I really can't find the connection with the characters. Maybe this would work for you, guys but unfortunately not for me.