Monday, 5 November 2012

Why I love YA?

I came across Jen's book blog and saw something that made my eyes pop: Beth Ravis' graphic of her signed YA library giveaway. Yes, signed! And yes, it's a library since it's almost 50 books! Yay! But the downside is, it's only open to US. Good thing I have a friend that agreed that I can use her address for US giveaways, so double yay for that!

There are several ways to join and one of those is to write a post that describes why you love YA. I thought about it and doubted if I could write something as good as others and then said to myself that all I need is to be honest and answer the question: Why I love YA?

I love YA because I can definitely relate to it being 19 years old. Most of the things the characters are going through are familiar to me, some because I encountered them personally. But the thing is, I love YA not just because of my age and the familiarity. I think I love YA because most authors have the power to bring back the best years of my life. It creates vivid images of those memories I thought I already left behind. Though some books can spark up my emotions, most books that hit home were YA books. Authors like John Green, Gayle Forman, Tiffanie DeBartolo and Miranda Kenneally made me feel like I was inside the book; in the same room with the characters. There were also times that I felt like I was the character.

Some YA books also brought me to the peak of my imagination and gave me glimpse of a world I never thought was possible. Those books by Lauren Oliver and Veronica Roth made me experience the thrill of being on a run, and how it feels like to be hunted. I felt like I experienced those exhilarating things they've done and almost felt the wind on my face.

I may have read other books that might have triggered something, but among all of them it was those YA books that made me feel like I was a part of it and not just some bystander watching or reading, waiting for the story to unfold. It made me feel like I actually belonged to the story.

What about you? Why do you love YA?

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