Saturday, 24 November 2012

Review: The Boss’s Fake Fiancee

 The Boss’s Fake Fiancee   
Author: Inara Scott
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Synopsis: Is she his worst nightmare…

No relationships, that’s billionaire Garth Solen’s rule—especially not with a woman like his new employee Melissa Bencher, who thinks with her heart and not her head. But all bets are off when Melissa tries to make her jerk ex-boyfriend jealous by suggesting that she’s dating her gorgeous boss. How could she have imagined all the trouble one impulsive act could cause?

…or a dream come true?

To protect his ailing grandmother, Garth is forced to play the part of Melissa’s adoring fiancé. Now they’re trying on rings and posing for the paparazzi. The game is clear: for one month, they play the part of an engaged couple, and then they part ways. No emotions. No entanglements. But when it comes to matters of the heart, Melissa’s never been good at following the rules…

"I love the ring, but it's the fact that he knew me well enough to pick it out that really matters. He wasn't showy, or public with his emotions. I'm sure you've heard that about him. But when he feels things, he feels them deeply." - Melissa

Excuse me while I cheer for Melissa and Garth's relationship. This book was amazingly written and has substance. It has interesting characterization despite the familiar plot of fake engagement. I always end up reading books with stories like that but this, though not new, left a good impression.

Although Melissa started as the wounded protagonist, Garth got my interest and held on to it until the end. He wasn't the stoic billionaire who acts stoically on the outside but fierce when it comes to the woman he's with. He was surprisingly aloof with a very thick barrier that surrounds himself. He didn't go caveman and brought Melissa to bed after a few moments. He even acted cold and distant even after their first night. Garth was a flawed character that was amazingly developed as the story progressed.

It was an easy read. Both protagonist had their own personal struggle and it was great how they were developed individually without outshining the other or ruining the story. A very good love story that would make your toes curl.


  1. Oh I adore books which have the premise of two people who have a fake relationship, books like these are great easy fun reads to curl up to. But I like hoe this book also has a lot of substance to it too! I think Garth and Melissa will be characters that I will really like! Brilliant review Charlie! :)

    1. I'm a sucker for this type of books and though I've read a few of them, it's nice to read something with substance and not just something filled with erotic scenes. It's not even that descriptive, which I really appreciated.

      You'll definitely love Garth. :)