Saturday, 11 May 2013

What's the latest buzz?

I know this is overdue but two days ago, the cover for Allegiant has been revealed. When the title was revealed, I was a bit disappointed because it doesn't end in -ent. I know that's a sloppy reason but consistency, people! Anyway, now that the cover has been revealed, the first thing that came into me when I saw it was, why orange? Stupid, right? I know it seems to signify a fire, sort of. Maybe the fire burning inside Tris which drives her to make a change. But I personally detest that color so yeah.

As for the water symbol, the first thing I thought of was Percy Jackson. No joke! As far as I can remember, it is not a symbol of any factions. So I thought maybe it means that it would wash the factions, whatever that cause the division among the people and finally make them one.

What about you? What do you think of the cover, the title and specifically the swirling water?
In other news, we finally have our Augustus Waters in the form of Ansel Elgort. Familiar? Of course, it's because he also plays Caleb in the movie adaptation of Divergent. Lucky bastard. A few hours ago, EW just announced that Elgort was offered the role of our beloved Gus and would play opposite to Shailene Woodley.

Here's a part of the article with quoted statements from John Green and director, Josh Boone:

“Ansel is whip-smart and uber-charismatic and everything I dreamed for Augustus Waters,” John Green tells EW in an exclusive statement. “I am by nature a cautious pessimist, but I’ll just say it: Now that we have Shailene and Ansel, I am completely, unreservedly psyched about this movie.” 
Director Josh Boone tells EW: “Ansel Elgort is the epitome of the boy John Green brought to life so vividly in his novel and he truly embodies the character traits we admire so much about Gus. His humor, sensitivity, honesty and confidence floored us. Watching him with Shailene was like seeing the film for the first time. Hearing then say okay to each other was incredibly moving. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have found our Gus.”

I gotta admit, I saw Gus in some of his pictures when I google-d him. I can imagine that he can definitely bring us Gus's humor and sexy confidence. He might be working on some stunts on the Divergent set right now, but I can see that he will make us cry soon.

What about you? Can you see Gus in him too?

Post your thoughts below! :)