Saturday, 21 January 2012

Review: Hold Still

 Hold Still   
Author: Nina LaCour
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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Synopsis: In the wake of her best friend Ingrid's suicide, Caitlin is left alone, struggling to find hope and answers. When she finds the journal Ingrid left behind for her, she begins a journey of understanding and broadening her horizons that leads her to new friendships and first love. Nina LaCour brings the changing seasons of Caitlin's first year without Ingrid to life with emotion, honesty, and captivating writing.


"I am not a darling. I am a girl ready to explode into nothing."

Among all books I've read that involved suicide, I consider this book as the best. Unlike others that seem to talk about why the person committed suicide and sometimes ends up playing a bit of guilt-trip among those who were left. This talks about Caitlin and what she went through on her way to acceptance about her best friend, Ingrid's death.

Caitlin is a very realistic character with real emotions. When her best friend died, of course she felt like her world shaken. What made things worse was seeing how others seem to fake their sympathy or how their favourite teacher, whom she expected to talk to about Ingrid seem to ignore and move on with the death of her friend.

"I should have put on some music on the stereo and sat back against the wall on the side of her room, and hoped that even if I couldn't get into the dark places in her head, I would at least be there waiting on the outside."

With nothing but Ingrid's journal, she slowly understood what her friend has been battling all along, and with the help of her new friends, she soon slowly accepted that it's not only her that's hurting and acted selflessly by sharing Ingrid to those who also love her.

A very moving book that will absolutely capture your hearts. LaCour did a great job in connecting with the reader's emotions with the use of powerful words.