Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Review: Eight Keys

 Eight Keys   
Author: Suzanne LaFleur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Synopsis: Elise and Franklin have always been best friends. Elise has always lived in the big house with her loving Uncle and Aunt, because Elise's parents died when she was too young to remember them.  There's always been a barn behind the house with eight locked doors on the second floor. 

When Elise and Franklin start middle school, things feel all wrong. Bullying. Not fitting in. Franklin suddenly seems babyish.  Then, soon after her 12th birthday, Elise receives a mysterious key left for her by her father. A key that unlocks one of the eight doors upstairs in the bar .

This book talks about fitting in, surviving bullies and connecting to a person and knowing them through things and people they loved and treasured.

This is about Elise, an orphan who grew up with her loving aunt and uncle. As she struggled to fit in with her peers, she had her friendship with her childhood friend at risk. On top of that, she found keys that could open doors in knowing her parents.

This book is recommendable especially to pre-teens cause it will give you insights about growing up, friendship, family and how would you want to shape your future.