Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: The Boy Recession

The Boy Recession
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Synopsis: The population of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, is shrinking as families move to cities and towns with greener pastures, and the local high school is hurting: nearly all of the area's most eligible guys have moved or transferred schools.

With little competition, the remaining boys find their stocks on the rise, and even the most unlikely candidates have a good chance at making the team and getting the girl. Guitar-strumming slacker HUNTER FAHRENBACH has made an art of blending into the background, but now desperate coaches are recruiting him and popular girls are noticing his scruffy good looks. With a little help, Hunter might even by boyfriend material... 

Down-to-earth KELLY ROBBINS has a simple wish for her junior year: "one normal, nice boy to crush on." Kelly and Hunter have always been friends, but is there something more to their platonic relationship? And can Kelly overcome the odds? After all, dating is hard enough without a four-to-one ratio.

"You're the soft place that I fall
After all 
Every everyday disaster 
The days of running farther, faster 
Fall down here with me."

The Boy Recession is one of those cute books that makes you smile like silly and enjoy the whole story without worrying what drama will happen next. It was fast and light to read and to be honest, I have no idea how the story would go when I started reading it.

The characters were cute, together and individually. Like what Kelly said about her being the Libra and balancing the others, each of the character complement and balances each other too. They weren't complex at all, but they weren't flat either.

Hilarious and wickedly amusing to read, you need to prepare yourself for some burst of laughter while reading this one. There were notable amusing lines not just by Kelly and Hunter but also from their friends. The relationships weren't instant, too. Meaney took time in building them up but kept the tension between the couples at the edge to keep readers rooting for them.

Prom scenes are very much appreciated and this one's good and well-written. It was sweet. Definitely, "more romantic than a Taylor Swift song." I really wish there's a companion novel with Darcy and Dexter's story.

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