Friday, 7 November 2014

#ThanksReading: Read a book and promote literacy!

I have read tons of books in my years of existence and I am so thankful for every story I've read and characters I've met. Now with ThanksReading, we can be thankful and at the same time help promote literacy! Isn't that awesome?

So what is ThanksReading?

ThanksReading is a celebration of reading to be thankful for the wonderful books, authors, and publishers who bring us joy. Reading is such a valuable skill and has such an impact on the world and we want to recognize all that there is to be thankful. It was founded by Literally ( to help readers recognize all that there is to be thankful about reading, books, and literacy.

How does it work?

During the month of November you can track your reading progress using the Literally app. If you do, they’ll donate $1 for every 100 pages you read during the month to Reading is Fundamental ( to help promote literacy.

They are also hosting fun weekly activities to help you celebrate what you’re thankful for in a bookish way.

For the first week, share what book, series, or genre you’re thankful for on social media using the #ThanksReading hashtag!
Example: “I’m thankful for the Hunger Games series and anxious to see the new movie this month! #ThanksReading”