Thursday, 5 September 2013

Review: The Marriage Merger

The Marriage Merger (Marriage to a Billionaire, #4)
Title: The Marriage Merger (Marriage to a Billionaire #4)
Author: Jennifer Probst
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Her sisters have found wedded bliss with their wealthy,wonderful dream men, but not Julietta Conte. She’s stayed on terra firma as top executive of the family’s corporation, La Dolce Famiglia bakery. Work is her passion, and her trendy Milan apartment her sanctuary . . . until Sawyer Wells, a masculine masterpiece in a suit, lures her out of hiding with an irresistible offer: an exclusive partnership with his international chain of boutique hotels.

Julietta’s been burned before—and trusting her brother-in-law’s friend, whose powerful gaze alone has her rethinking the best use of a conference room, is the riskiest proposition. But with a once-in-a-career chance to take the bakery global, will she mix stone-cold business with red-hot seduction?


“We just met yesterday. I don't go jumping into bed with strange men or make decisions regarding my attraction after one dinner.” 
“Sometimes it's the best time to trust your instincts. The moment we rationalize chemistry, we risk losing it forever.”

One of the signs that I enjoyed reading a book is my lack of notes. It simply means that I didn't had time or didn't bothered to write my comments because I was having a good time reading and I'm to lazy to break that good-time feel. The Marriage Merger was one of those books with very few notes.

Julietta, although somehow icy on the outside, is not far from her siblings. She is so family-oriented and loves spending her time with them. She might be a workaholic but she looks forward in spending Sundays with Mama Conte. At first, I didn't know what to expect with her story because of her personality. She's the uptight in their family, she really takes things seriously and her focus is always on their family business. But wow! She surprised me in this one. Among the four women in this series, I can closely relate her to Carina because of her drive to prove herself. She had the fire burning within her that pushes her limits and helps her achieve things. Although she also has insecurities, she was still a very strong and admirable woman.

Sawyer was just perfect for Julietta. He's career-driven like her, family means a lot to him, and he is also passionate, not just in bed but also in everything he loves. I can't think of anyone or any personality that would a good match for Julietta other than Sawyer. She might have almost everything, but Sawyer can fill in everything she's missing. His belief about relationships and protecting someone might be misplaced in the first place but he loves fiercely. Among cliché characters, I'd always pick someone who's jaded than the bad guy everyone seems to love.

My brain was screaming UST on that dinner scene and I can really feel it. Their attraction towards each other was off the charts the moment they first met and it never tumbled down the hill. Probst managed to maintain the intensity of their relationship from start to finish.

One of my favourite part, of course, was the part where everyone came over to visit. Everyone as in everyone, including Alexa and Nick. I love reading the previous couples with their kids. This just makes me smile knowing that they did really have their happy endings, sort of thanks to that book of love spell -- which really seems to have magic, although nothing is more magical than Mama Conte's matchmaking skills.

With that ending, I really can conclude that this is the last one. Marriage to a Billionaire series was fun, romantic, heartbreaking reading experience and I'm glad I got curious with Alexa and Nick's story and started reading it.

This copy was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.