Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Review: Dracian Legacy

Dracian Legacy (Dracian, # 1)
Title: Dracian Legacy (Dracian #1)
Author: Priya Kanaparti
My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Ren and Axel are caught between two powerful magical races: one destined to end the bloodshed, the other out for vengeance. 

Seventeen-year-old Ren Pernell is prophesied to end the war between the Dracians and the Telalians. So when a Dracian, Axel Knight, is sent to find and bring back the prophesied one before she turns eighteen and Telalians discover of her existence, unexpected sparks start to fly between the two. Once Ren finds the truth behind Axel’s arrival, she wants everything to do with him and nothing to do with his mission.

Things prove to become difficult as Ren’s life is constantly threatened by the Goarders, humans who sold their souls, a Proxy Succubi, and the leader of the Telalians, who has been searching for her as well. 

With the clock ticking and Ren’s life in jeopardy, it is no longer just a mission for Axel. It becomes a personal endeavor to save the only one he’s ever loved. In a heart racing ending, they must find a way to evade the preordained war that won’t also end Ren’s life.

“You love unconditionally, without expectations, willing to give anything without reservations.” 

I know that this would focus more on romance before I started reading but I never thought it would focus that much. I thought that at some point it will have a good love triangle but man; it didn't even let the other team have a chance. 

Dracian Legacy was different compared to other books I’ve read. I was surprised to know that this was set in the real world. With that I was excited to know how the author would incorporate the paranormal aspect of the novel. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of it. What made it weird was Ren’s reaction (or lack of) when Axel revealed his real identity. For someone who lived 17 years of her life normally, I was surprised that she wasn’t even freaked out with what she witness first hand. Or maybe she did freak out but immediately accepted the fact about Dracians. Another sad fact was that I had a hard time connecting two succeeding chapters. The fluidity of the scenes feels off. Not to mention that most of it contained Ren’s thoughts about Axel, and Ren and Axel with sexual tension all over the place. At first I brushed off the instant attraction with the theory that maybe Ren’s real identity recognizes Axel as one of her own, thus causing the attraction. But after knowing Ren and Dean’s connection, that theory was forced to be thrown outside the window. It didn’t help that after they were officially together most of their time were spent groping on each other. I am really, really hoping that Ren will still have the chance to choose because this connection/attraction/‘love’ towards Axel seem like a trance. 

The characters, on the other hand, were well-written. Although some weren’t given much ‘screen time’ compared to others. Axel was swoon-tastic but as soon as he and Ren got together, I was immediately irritated with how clingy he can be. Also, the fact that I got to know the Dean behind the jerk act at school didn’t help (because I’m a sucker for best friends). Ren had her moments which irritated me (cue in: clingy/needy moments) but I personally love her voice (narration and monologues). I can really feel the teenager vibe from her with the way she talks and rants internally. It’s like you’re in her shoes and not just a listener to her story. The way it was written was my favourite part of the book. 

I’m sad that the real action were in the last few chapters. I was craving for it since the second half and it didn’t even satisfied me. There were a lot of unanswered questions about the Telalians, especially with their leader. With that, Dracian Legacy feels like a huuuge prologue to the story. But the last few chapters were enough to make me want to read the next book. I expected to like this book as much as most of my blogger friends and I’m sad that I didn’t. I just expected more action based on the Goodreads summary and what I read wasn’t enough.

This copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.